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We’re guessing you have an App Idea that you want to turn into a business, or you already running a business and you think its time you got an app for it. Well you’ve come to the right place.

Black Reaktion offers packages that are simple to understand and pricing options that you can be comfortable with. All our app development packages are cross platform (can run on iPhone/Android) and are developed to ensure the best user experience

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Starter App
For Small Businesses
These are your basic starter apps ranging from News apps to educational apps. Their functionality is limited but still very effective for your business because of their abilities to connect your business to your customers with features such as push notifications, social sharing etc
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E-Commerce/ Advanced App
Need To Start Selling
Statistics have shown that people are more prone to buying goods online using an App rather than a website. You can use this to your business’s advantage by developing an application that can sell physical or digital Goods.
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Enterprise Apps
Take Your Business To The Next Level
If You’re looking for an App with powerful functionality such as a Social network, taxi booking(Uber, Taxify etc.), Media Streaming(Netflix, Youtube), Or Real Time Food Delivery then this package is for you. completely tailored to accommodate your businesses’ or Personal requirements.

Got You !!

Black Reaktion offers a wide range of completely customized solutions that
are individually tailored to accommodate your businesses’ or Personal
online requirements.
Every business is unique, and in many cases, an effective web solution will
require an extensive amount of customization to ensure it achieves the
critical business objectives.
We hope our solutions will best suit your business requirement and we
ensure that our delivery team will work in close partnership with the key
stakeholders in your firm to define an innovative solution that delivers

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