Websites That do
A Lot More

Most companies offer websites that can only display services, contact information and so on. But at Black Reaktion we believe that it can do a whole lot more 
Imagine a website can instantly open up WhatsApp on a visitors device for instant communication
Or opens up Google Maps so that your visitors can easily find your place of work without the hassle of calling to require directions
These are just a few examples of the functionalities we integrate on a website.
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Basic WebApp
For Small Businesses
Our Basic web Package is all you need to get your business on the web. With features such as web to Whatsapp contact, newsletter management and 24Hr support just to name a few, your business’s website will stand above the rest. We make sure of that
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Online Shop / E-Commerce
Need To Start Selling
You probably need to start selling something, or perhaps you already do and you need to expand your geographical reach. Dont worry we got you.
Our E-Commerce websites are designed with your customers in mind, Creating a safe browsing environment and integrated with known and trusted payment options
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Enterprise WebApps
Take Your Business To The Next Level
What can we say about our enterprise package except that it revolutionizes your business. Imagine releasing a social network for your customers, offering 24hr support via a help desk system or Project management system for your employees. Well stop imagining and start calling cause we can definitely help you set it up

Got You !!

Black Reaktion offers a wide range of completely customized solutions that
are individually tailored to accommodate your businesses’ or Personal
online requirements.
Every business is unique, and in many cases, an effective web solution will
require an extensive amount of customization to ensure it achieves the
critical business objectives.
We hope our solutions will best suit your business requirement and we
ensure that our delivery team will work in close partnership with the key
stakeholders in your firm to define an innovative solution that delivers

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